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Shore House Watch SERVICES

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Providing Peace of Mind

All Year Long

This valuable service is for the homeowner who will be away from the property for days, weeks or months. Shore House Watch is the eyes for your peace of mind. This is even beneficial even during In Season as guests occupy your property.  We have averted problems with guests for our homeowners. We not only own property on the island we live full-time. That is a terrific advantage for all our clients. 

 We  make sure the exterior is in sound condition. The wind and rain can create havoc for island properties here in Atlantic and Cape May Counties beach communities.  Frozen pipes in some older properties are problematic. As property owners we all watch the news from afar and hear of bad weather hitting our island towns with no idea how it is affecting our own homes. No longer will you have to worry and wonder what is going on. Our service will allow you to know if a problem exists and we will make sure it is taken care of right away. 

 You will receive a short text after our inspection. If there is a problem we will immediately address the problem. We can assist you with fixing the problem, if that is your wish. We will make sure the property is secure and stay with the house until it is good to leave. Bad weather can come on fast and the wind and rain can also disrupt stationary and loose standing property. We will also make sure the doors and entrances are locked and secure. Need a special chore done? We will accommodate your wishes at a moments notice. 


Weekly Exterior Only Check

$35.00 per month

Twice Weekly  Exterior Check

$55.00 per month

This service  is beneficial all year long even in season. We can check on the property even as you rent to guests and the off season. We walk the perimeter of the property. Check the exterior components to make sure there are no damages or if there seems to be anything out of place. We check and make sure windows and doors/garages are secured. We even make sure trash cans  and recyclables are secured. Harsh weather and winds have a tendency to throw these items around as we all are aware. As a frequent observer of the property we will know your property fairly well. If it is all in order a courtesy text will be sent to inform you. Again if there is an issue however minor or small, we will immediately contact you. If serious we will stay with the property until it is secure.


$25.00 per month

(Services same as Weekly)


Weekly Exterior and Interior Check

$69.00 per month

Twice Weekly Ext. and Interior Check

$89.00 per month

This service provides an (same as Weekly) exterior perimeter check and an interior check. This assures you that there are no plumbing issues, water issues or anything in or around the property. We make sure all windows are secure as well as entrances. Surprises arise such as pest issues and other challenges that can affect vacant houses. As a homeowner at the Shore we know the salt air can be a nemesis that slowly causes serious problems for your investment. As with the Weekly package, if there is a problem we will immediately contact you and secure the property.


(Included with all Packages)

As you know storms can arrive fast here on the islands.. If we inspect your property for example on a Tuesday and a storm hits for example  on a Friday. We will be out the same day or the next day to check on the property for no extra fee. You will not have to wait for your next rotation day to see what is going on. No worries for you and your family. Shore House Watch is always there.

We'll Also Meet Contractors for Supervision

Shore House Watch can meet any contractors who you call to enter your property.


You may be away on a vacation, business trip or other life situations and we will be happy to check on your property. Please call to discuss your length of absence and what fee will apply.



Another great thing about our service and being local is if you need us to take care of something fast. Perhaps the cable needs attention or  other life surprises. There is no reason to spend time driving all the way to the Shore on a minor issue. Even in the Summer Season when you rent your property we can watch the property as your guests enjoy their vacation. We are always here!

Covering: Ocean City, Somers Point, Margate, Longport, and the Sea Isle Area

(If you are outside this area please call to discuss the location)

PLEASE CALL/TEXT 24/7: 609.380.0131



Venmo and Zelle Accepted

*This service is free to our Turnover Cleaning Clients